Confused on Which Task To Do First? Use Workload Shuffle!

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix
The Eisenhower Decision Matrix (Image source:
  1. We separate tasks into two types, the scheduled one and the unscheduled one. The scheduled one has the exact date and timing, the unscheduled one only has durations per task (no exact date and timing of when the task should be done).
  2. If the task is labeled important and urgent, put it on the top of the list.
  3. * But if there is another task that is as equally important and urgent, compare the task difficulties, the easiest task goes on top.
  4. * If the difficulties are equally the same, then compare the durations, the one with the shortest durations stays on top.
  5. After sorting the important and urgent labels, the one that is labeled important but not urgent goes down below the important and urgent tasks. If the task is equally important and not urgent, the same comparison will be done as the one in comparing the equally important and urgent tasks.
  6. Then the tasks with the urgent but not important label go below the important and not urgent tasks. The same validation is done if the task is equally urgent and not important.
  7. If the task is not important and not urgent, it will go to the bottom of the list and will be sorted by difficulties and duration.




iOS Developer/Engineer. A lifetime learner and a cat purrson.

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Allicia Viona

Allicia Viona

iOS Developer/Engineer. A lifetime learner and a cat purrson.

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